Make This Year’s Resolution for the Animals

Rather than vowing to lose those last ten pounds or spend less money this year, why not make some easy resolutions to help make a difference in the lives of animals? New Year’s Resolutions tend to be fairly self-involved but why not turn them into selfless giving and awareness? They may turn out to be the easiest ones to keep!

Ten Ways to Make a Difference in Animals’ Lives

  1. Spay or neuter not only your own companion animals, but stray animals as well. Lower-cost options are available at the Humane Alliance in Asheville.
  2. Give a monthly donation of money or time to a non-profit animal welfare organization. Homeless animals are always in need of clean bedding, food, and love.
  3. Help set up an emergency monetary fund for your own animals or friends and family in case of a medical crisis. Have an emergency plan of action if an illness or injury should occur. Know where your emergency hospital is located.
  4. Educate yourself, friends, and family on emergency medical issues so that you are able to either prevent animal emergencies or deal with them rapidly and efficiently if something should go wrong.
  5. Make conscientious choices on products you purchase. Make sure they aren’t tested on animals and contain wholesome ingredients.
  6. Develop a relationship with a veterinarian for both your animal’s well-being and your own peace of mind. Don’t be afraid to ask your vet questions and thoroughly understand animal health issues. There are many wonderful veterinarians in our area and you’re sure to find one that especially understands you and your furry friends.
  7. Understand wildlife and their specific needs. Know your contact numbers should you find an injured wild animal. Their needs are different than dogs and cats. Also learn how to best help wild animals in your area.
  8. Know the differences between over the counter animal health products and those prescribed by veterinarians. Product uses and differences are not always clear – always check with your veterinarian because you may do your animal more harm than good by trying to cut corners. Lower cost dewormers and flea products tend not to be as complete and have more side effects. Always read labels and never give dog medicines to cats!
  9. Follow state and county regulations regarding rabies vaccinations. If you don’t and your animal is bitten or bites someone else, you may be subject to state regulations regarding quarantine and the fate of your companion animal. 
  10. Be a voice for the animals. Don’t be afraid to speak out against cruelty and injustices animals suffer. Let kindness and compassion be your guiding principles.

Make this New Year a happy one for you and your companion animals. Happy New Year from the team at the Regional Emergency Animal Care Hospital!