My wife and I want to thank you all for the excellent care that you provided for Lizzie during her recent stay. When we brought Lizzie in, she was given a thorough exam by Dr. Judy and the preliminary diagnosis was pancreatitis and some arthritis due to age. A treatment plan was discussed and it was agreed that Lizzie needed to stay to have an ultrasound and some fluid therapy and antibiotics and that probably an overnight stay would be all that was needed. At 10 PM we were called and told Lizzie seemed to be stable and was doing well. At 2 AM we received a call that Lizzie had taken a serious turn for the worse and was bleeding from the nose and showed bruising on her legs and abdomen and was apparently going into DIC (disseminated intravascular coagulation). Since my wife and I both work in hospital laboratories, we knew what this meant. We agreed to some aggressive therapy and hoped Lizzie would survive but things looked grim. The next day my wife visited Lizzie and in her words, "there was nobody home" when she looked into Lizzie's eyes. Sadly she discussed with Dr. Randy end of life options and how long we should continue treating Lizzie. Dr. Randy said to wait 48 hours to give the meds time to work. We are so glad that we took Dr. Randy's advice, Lizzie's improvement was, in our opinion, nothing short of miraculous. We were able to take Lizzie home after 5 days where she continues to improve. Everyone was so kind, patient and understanding we truly thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Terry, Beth and Lizzie Barnett