Dear Dr. Wetzel and Staff,

A happy update to share with all of you! Zena, our kitty who was diagnosed with polycythemia in the end of January this year, is still doing remarkably well! Her PCV values have stayed within normal range for many weeks now. Occasionally she has some tremors during sleep, so it appears that staying on phenobarbital will be long-term.

Here we are in the full-swing of summer, something that was beyond imagining given the initial situation. <!--break--> Now we have to worry about fleas! But Zena is enjoying the life she's always loved. It would come as no surprise that she especially loves the warm sunshine – what cat doesn't? - expressing her kitty-happiness by doing roly-polies (rolling from side-to-side) on the deck.

Though it's been stressful sometimes, this is an amazing journey of living and loving life together one day at a time.

Again, forever thanks for your expert care and kindness.

Love and Gratitude,
Koriander and Zena “the warrior princess”