Ziggy was a very special and precious kitten. He definitely choose me at the shelter, pawing at me to get my attention and when i let him out he wanted to climb in my lap and started rubbing his face against my chin nuzzling me. I put him back in the cage and walked away and a couple had came over and was looking to adopt one ,I thought he was gonna be gone but they got the other one ( who wasn't playful or social) I had no idea why and when i looked at Ziggy he was just staring at me, I walked over and he put his paws back up at me,I let him out again and he climbed up , just clung to my chest nuzzling my chin again. That was it, i took him home. he lived a very nice and spoiled life with me. Since It was just me and him at home he got a lot of attention from me. He was my best friend. He ate with me, slept with me, played with me, watch tv and my laptop with me. Every time i would come home he would jump in my lap and nuzzle my chin with his face....everyday. He was a very unique kitten, I've never met a cat who was so social, so full of love and affection and just wanted to be a part of your life and be involved with what you were doing. he was always sweet and affectionate.
on 5/23/15 i had to take him into reach and was informed that he had FIP. i was in shock he was in such bad shape and my heart just broke. it really hurt me knowing my best friend was so sick and there was nothing i could do. The staff at REACH were incredible. i haver never seen anyone in the medical feild (either animal or human clinics) with such compassion. They really treated Ziggy and I very well and with a lot of respect and i am very thankful to have found a vet that was so helpful, compassionate and professional in handling this situation. after a very difficult decision , it would be best to go ahead and send him over the rainbow bride. when they brought him out to me all wrapped up in a blanket i could tell in his eyes he was relieved and happy to be back in my arms. i spent some time with him crying, talking, petting him, just holding him close to me. He was very weak at this point, but he lifted his head up in my arms, and with all the strength he had left, he started to rub my chin with his face, nuzzling me one last time. i knew it was time and we just stared into each others eyes as he peacefully went to sleep. I really loved Ziggy and he has and will always have a special place in my heart. he was truly loving cat and deserved so much more in life, but he is in a better place feeling much better.

again, special thanks to the staff that helped Ziggy & I. All of you were were absolutely awesome, thank you.