What is the Asheville Veterinary Services surgery staff's role in your pet's health care?

The Animal Care Team is made up of the owner (client), the family veterinarian and the AVS surgery staff. Ongoing advances in the veterinary profession can make it a challenge to remain current with recent developments in techniques and technologies required to manage some of today's complex surgical problems. Possessing the training, expertise and equipment to perform the most demanding procedures, the AVS staff can help your family veterinarian provide the best possible care to your companion.
In general, difficult cases may be best managed by referral to a specialist. When a referral is indicated, the primary care practitioner should discuss this process with the client. Clients routinely deal with specialists in human healthcare and are familiar with the concept of specialization and the referral process. Owners appreciate referrals for specialized surgical care.
Once the referral is made, the AVS surgery staff will provide complete pre-operative evaluation, and state-of-the-art surgical patient care. As part of the healthcare team, the surgeon will keep the referring veterinarian and client informed of the patient's progress throughout their care at the AVS. After patient discharge, the referring veterinarian may also provide additional postoperative follow-up care. This continuity between the AVS surgery staff and the family veterinarian ensures the best possible outcome for the patient.
There are also several important benefits to the AVS surgical staff taking care of your pet. First, the AVS staff is consistently dealing with advanced care for these patients and they are accustomed to the degree of care that they need to receive for optimal outcomes. Another benefit of the AVS surgical staff is continuity of care as the surgeon that performed the surgery is available for consultation after the surgical procedure if there are any questions and concerns regarding your pet’s care in both the short and long-term. This benefit is an important distinction in today’s market where many referral hospitals may have multiple specialists seeing the same patient and continuity of care is more difficult to attain.