We would like to introduce you all to Reilly. Reilly is a Corgi that came to R.E.A.C.H. after the owner's discovered he had been attacked by another dog. From the minute he was brought in the door, we didn't know if he would make it. Once he was intially stabilized, there was still concern he would take a turn for the worse. There was a lot of swelling and the tissue was damaged, in some places, beyond repair. But Reilly was fighter. He had people all over the world praying for him. Phone calls, letters, and emails were pouring in showing him support and love. He grew stronger and stronger, amazing us all. Once he was stable enough he underwent surgery to remove some dead tissue, place drains for the swelling and suture up his wounds. And he still persisted. He was a miracle patient.

With a strong will, Reilly finally got to go home after 6 days in our care and we couldn't be more pleased. We are truly touched by the outpouring of love for this sweet boy and his family as they go through this particularly difficult struggle. Upon subsequent rechecks, he continues to heal and improve and it does not appear he will need any additional surgery to correct his injuries.