We are here in Asheville on vacation, and a few days prior to going back "on the road," Enzo's scratching seemed in increase tremendously and he developed a large scab around the base of his tail. Not having a local vet, we heard great things about REACH.

Christopher was our first introduction to REACH and he could not have been more helpful and compassionate right from the initial phone call. He told us to bring Enzo in right away, and he met us as we came through the door. He was a wonderful introduction to your organization and things remained the same throughout our entire experience.

Dr. Sowers took her time examining Enzo and then carefully explained a plan of action knowing that in a few days we would be leaving town and be on the road for a few more weeks. She made sure we understood all instructions for the medications and then documented these instructions clearly in the discharge notes.

We expected a huge bill since this was, after all, an emergency hospital. We were pleasantly surprised that the office visit was not much more than a regular visit to our vet at home.

Folks living in the Asheville area are very fortunate to have REACH within their reach during 24/7 emergencies. I sure wish we had something similar back home! Just another reason for us to consider moving to this area.