Visitation Policy

Please make note of our patient visitation policy, so we may serve you better.

General Visitation Information

Here at Regional Emergency Animal Care Hospital and Asheville Veterinary Specialists, we understand the importance of patient visitation for the healing and well-being of your pet and for your own peace of mind.  We support and encourage visitation. Visiting a patient may be arranged during the hospital’s hours of operation at a time that will not interfere with the care of your pet or other patients.  Please call ahead if you would like to visit.

On occasion, we may ask visitors to return to the lobby due to the development of an emergent case.

Please note that some hospitalized patients do better without visitation because they have high levels of anxiety during and/or after visits.  We can make a mutual decision regarding what is best for your pet.

Personal Belongings

We have comfortable fleece bedding; however you are welcome to bring something comforting from home. Due to concerns of soiling and or contamination these items may not be able to be returned. No item going into isolation will be able to be returned. Do not leave anything at the hospital that is irreplaceable or of importance.

For patients admitted for Isolation Care, visitation must follow strict guidelines.  Our staff members working with patients in isolation follow specific protocols regarding contamination. Standard requirements include wearing gloves and a gown and using a footbath to disinfect shoe surfaces.  If your pet is in isolation and you would like to visit him or her, you will be required to wear proper attire and follow protocol.  This practice will prevent the spread of contagious diseases throughout our hospital.

My Pet is Being Hospitalized, What Should I Expect?

We ask that you please provide us with one contact person and the best number(s) to reach that person to provide updates about your pet’s status.  We will update the primary contact person, and updates to others should be provided by that person.

If your pet has any special dietary needs or special medications they are on, please be sure to bring their food and medications in for them so that we may continue their normal feeding/medication schedule as applicable.

You can expect an update daily from the staff DVM taking care of your pet, but please keep in mind that as an emergency facility, the number of cases can change suddenly and therefore this update may vary from day to day.  You are welcome to call the hospital between 10am and 5pm or 8pm to 6am to check on your pet’s progress.  Although your pet’s doctor may not be able to receive a phone call at that time, a summary of your pet’s condition will be available from the the attending ICU nurse.  Our staff doctors confer daily on all hospitalized cases, and your pet may be under the care of more than one doctor.

DVMs and technicians have rounds (which last approximately 30 to 60 minutes) at the following times and will be unavailable to provide updates or accommodate visits during this time:

Mon - Sun at 7am, 4pm & 12am.

Tues – Fri at 8am & 6pm
Sat – Mon at 7am & 6pm

If you have any questions regarding visitation, please feel free to contact us at (828) 665-4399.

At Regional Emergency Animal Care Hospital and Asheville Veterinary Specialists, hospitalized patients are attended to by skilled and trained staff members who administer medications, record vitals, perform treatments, notify the veterinarian of any changes in a patient, and keep patients clean and comfortable. An experienced veterinarian is present to evaluate a patient’s response to treatment and give additional orders when needed. Patients are cared for with affection and dedication.  We take pride in our commitment to serving patients lovingly and professionally.

Regional Emergency Animal Care Hospital is our emergency department & is open for your pet’s emergency needs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week including holidays.

Asheville Veterinary Specialists is our specialty department & is open Monday-Friday 8am-5pm.  AVS works in conjunction with Regional Emergency Animal Care Hospital.